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Event Management is the act of managing something that happens at a given place & time. It is not more expensive. In fact, most of the time it would be more cost-effective to use an event management company. Event Management companies have the expertise of organizing and managing events & can save money.

Firstly, event management companies use the services of entertainers, hotels, artisans, etc… often & therefore obtain agency or discounted rates for services rendered. In simple economics, event management companies buy services in bulk, which would therefore always be cheaper.

Secondly, event management companies know where to find the services required. If you have to go look for these services, you would incur costs, which are often not incorporated in the cost estimates. Remember you may incur many hidden costs, in the form of time, labour, transportations, etc…Dining in fancy hotels and restaurants no longer has the enchantment it had some years ago. Many of your potential guests frequently dine at such places. Good food would only get you compliments for your choice of venue, but it is the entertainment distinguish your function from others and it would definitely be the most remembered aspect of your function.

In an ideal situation, your budget should cater for equal amounts for food and beverages and for décor and entertainment. The more elaborate however your expenses on décor and entertainment, the greater the impact your function will have (but please do not under cater) Unfortunately, this ideal solution is seldom achievable, as most venues charge steep prices for food and beverage. Therefore, it would also be workable if you allocate a minimum of 30% for décor and entertainment. It is also relevant as to when we are allowed to do the necessary setup of decoration and props. It is normally more cost effective to do this during working hours, as the area to be decorated can be substantially larger.

Lastly, Event Management companies play the complete role of co-ordination, designing & production instead of several different agencies.
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